National Senior Connection focuses on empowering and equipping independent agents with the necessary tools and training to be successful. Our agents consistently rise above the industry standard and prove to be the top 10% of income earners. It is our firm belief that you cannot teach what you do not know. Whether it’s leads, door-knocking, presentation, product training, or managing clients — we get it.

For almost a decade the Founder & CEO, Tony Sax, has been mentoring and training agents in the insurance industry. Having personally produced at a high level, he understands what it takes and feels like to be in the field every day.

Over the years NSC has created a reputation for developing some of the best and brightest in the industry. Our focus has always been agent-driven. Operating with absolute professionalism, integrity is both essential and expected, not only from the leadership, but from the entire team.

Mission Statement

To serve communities and better the lives of the seniors and agents we touch all across America. We strive to educate, advocate, and help people understand the benefits and differences in insurance. Our goal is to set a new standard and change the face of the insurance industry.

Core Values

So many careers destroy quality family life. Often, we hire people coming from jobs where they are forced to work long weeks and sometimes even holidays. This creates burnout. At NSC we believe balanced lifestyle is just as important as great income. True success is being able to enjoy your life, spend time with your family, and leave a legacy.

Over the years a great part of our success has been our commitment to hard work, honesty, and humility. NSC continually conveys the importance of having high ethical standards, both in company-to-agent relations, and agent-to-client. Remember, standards flow from the top down.

Charitable Events

At National Senior Connection we have a big heart for the community. Most of our agents are very involved with their local churches and charity organizations. At the annual convention each year we make it a point to sponsor a local charity. These can vary from substance abuse rehabilitation centers, homeless shelters, food pantries, and others. If every company made it a point to help their local community our world would become a better place.

Founder & CEO

Tony Sax and his family

Tony Sax entered the financial services industry in 2009. He quickly worked his way to the top and helped his former companies dominate the industry. For several years he personally mentored and trained agents all across America. As an industry leader he has developed systems and processes to make agents successful.

It is his firm belief that you can’t teach what you don’t know. Having worked in the field for years and written thousands of policies he understands and identifies with the agents.

Nothing gives him more satisfaction than creating 6-figure earners. Over the years Tony has seen a lack of stability and leadership take a lot of good people out of the business. His goal is that we provide stability and value to the insurance industry. National Senior Connection is literally changing agent’s lives on a daily basis.

His core principles are felt throughout the company: Work hard. Tell the truth. Stay humble.

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