How do agents at National Senior Connection get paid?2018-01-18T17:35:51-06:00

Agents get paid directly from individual carriers. Most comissions are direct deposit and come in weekly or even daily.

Do I have to work from an office?2019-05-31T11:50:29-06:00

No. Our agents meet in the client’s homes to discuss their needs. All administration is conducted from the agent’s home office.

Who sets my work schedule?2019-05-31T11:50:29-06:00

You do. Our agents enjoy the flexibility of setting their own schedule. While some agents choose to work three 13-hour days per week, others prefer five 8-hour days. No matter which schedule you choose, we strongly recommend working late a couple nights to accommodate clients who are not home during the day. Both can make well over $100K if they follow our training system and operate with integrity. Like any opportunity, you get out of it what you put in.

How much are leads?2019-05-31T11:50:29-06:00

Leads range from $2.71 – $29.75 each. There are several different options available: B Leads, B+ Leads, A- Leads, A Leads, Telemarketing Leads, and FaceBook Leads. Give us a call today to see which is the right fit for you.

How long does it take to get my license?2019-05-31T11:50:29-06:00

It takes approximately 4 weeks to get your license, though some can complete the training quicker. Due to our volume of new hires we’ve been able to secure discounts on new licensing training. Give us a call today so we can help you through the process.

Will you train me?2019-05-31T11:50:29-06:00

Yes!!! This is what sets our company apart from the rest. Our training process is second to none in the industry. Our one-on-one training will equip you to hit the ground running from day one.

Do you have an e-application process?2019-05-31T11:50:29-06:00

The industry has experienced significant changes over the last several years. Most companies offer e-apps for their products. This will cut down on weight in your bag and costly mistakes. Paper apps are still available for those who don’t like technology. 😊

What’s the average number of sales your agents get in a week?2019-05-31T11:50:29-06:00

Most of our agents write between 5-10 new cases every week.

What products do you focus on?2019-05-31T11:50:29-06:00

Our primary focus is on Final Expense. However, we also write a lot of Mortgage Protection, Traditional Term, PAR Whole Life, Annuities, Universal Life, Critical Illness, Accidental, and Medicare.

What carriers do you represent?2019-05-31T11:50:29-06:00

Transamerica, Mutual of Omaha, Aetna, AIG, American Amicable, Assurity, Fidelity and Guarantee, Gerber, American Home Life, Liberty Bankers, Occidental, Trinity Life, Family Benefit, Foresters Financial, Baltimore Life, Phoenix Life, CIGNA, Bankers Fidelity, Combined, Companion Life, Heartland National, IAC, Medico, Silverscript, Thrivent, United Healthcare, United American, and Western Catholic.

Will I be assigned a territory?2019-05-31T11:50:29-06:00

No, you are free to choose the area you would like to work. Some areas may be better than others, so we may make suggestions. If you are ordering the maximum amount of leads your area can support, you can have confidence knowing we’re not going to stack new agents on top of you. We are committed to our team.

Can I be successful part-time?2019-05-31T11:50:29-06:00

Probably not. If you want to make six figures, you need to be all-in. Partial commitment doesn’t cut it. Part-time effort produces part-time results.

Do you have a career path?2019-05-31T11:50:29-06:00

Yes. Our “NSC Career Track” outlines position and what is takes to work your way up in the company. This defines position and commission levels.

Will I ever have the opportunity to meet with other agents and employees of the company?2019-05-31T11:50:29-06:00

Absolutely! We believe camaraderie is an integral part of success. Not only do we host an annual national convention, there are also quarterly meetings. For those in management, we also host semi-annual leadership summits. This business can be tough and we believe it’s key that we play the game as a team!