National Senior Connection focuses on finding the best and most affordable insurance programs for our clients. We achieve this by shopping the industry’s most highly-rated carriers and presenting our clients with the best options available. We believe communication, integrity, and service are vital to customer satisfaction and our success.

Mission Statement

To serve communities and better the lives of the seniors and agents we touch all across America. We strive to educate, advocate, and help people understand the benefits and differences in insurance. Our goal is to set a new standard and change the face of the insurance industry.

Core Values

Over the years a great part of our success has been our commitment to hard work, honesty, and humility. NSC continually conveys the importance of having high ethical standards, both in company-to-agent relations, and agent-to-client. Remember, standards flow from the top down.

Hear What Our Customers Say…

National Senior Connection was able to help me with my life insurance and found me a policy that got me coverage the first day! Thank you for sending out the most professional insurance agent I ever had the pleasure dealing with.

Sylvia H.

This is such a wonderful company!!!!! Highly recommend their service. Kind, patient, efficient, they will make sure you’re taken care of.

Hannah V.

I am so excited because I just got a thank you card from my agent. I took out insurance with National Senior Connection a couple days ago. The agent was really friendly and answered all my questions. If you’re looking for insurance go with them.

Maureen Athey

I had an agent come to my house last week and she was so helpful. I had been looking for good coverage for a while but couldn’t find any that was affordable. I was able to get $10,000 and it fit my budget. Thank you so much.

Annie Weams

I’m so thankful for NSC. I know God sent them by my house. I was declined 3 times before. I told the agent I didn’t think he could cover me and he just smiled. He was able to get me coverage with a good whole life policy.

Brenda Clements

Several weeks ago Jeff stopped by my home and spoke with my wife Margaret and I. He was very nice and a real gentleman. I would recommend this company and Jeff to anyone.

Gilmer S.

I compared pricing online and the quotes I got from NSC were really reasonable. After doing my research, I decided to go with them and I’m very happy.

Miss Burke

Great company. Good service. I would recommend.

Janice B.

This company is great. My husband and I are both diabetic and were looking for some affordable coverage. Everything we saw was expensive. We spoke to an agent from National Senior Connection and she explained the process and how they would do their best to find a company that would take us. I’m really happy because my husband and I both got approved and it’s with the same company and within our budget. I would recommend to anybody.

Renee Gayles

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