Final Expense

The average cost of a funeral in the United States is $9,000. This number increases approximately 9% each year. A Final Expense Life Insurance Policy can give you and your family peace of mind knowing everything will be covered. Every day we hear heartbreaking stories of people having to take up collections and manage large payments to funeral homes due to lack of preparation. It’s important to plan ahead so that our loved ones don’t bear this additional burden during an already difficult time.

National Senior Connection specializes in finding the best products for clients between 40-89 years old. These are affordable options that can either pay for a funeral, help with medical bills, cover personal debts, or leave an inheritance/gift for their loved ones.
Many seniors feel as though their health conditions may prohibit them from qualifying for coverage. This is simply not the case. Our plans are designed to help people both with and without pre-existing health conditions.

There are 3 very important guarantees associated with Final Expense Life Insurance:

1) Premium Guarantee
Because most of our seniors are on limited fixed incomes such as Social Security, Disability, SSI, and other retirement, we understand the importance of ensuring your coverage remains affordable. Rest assured knowing the premium will never increase with one of our Final Expense plans, even when your age and health change.

2) Death Benefit Guarantee
Death is guaranteed. When taking out a policy for funeral and final expenses you need to be sure the amount of death benefit is guaranteed as well. Over the life of the policy, regardless of how old you get or bad your health becomes, your beneficiary will receive the full death benefit you originally selected.

3) Non-Cancellation Guarantee
Our Final Expense plans are guaranteed not to cancel due to age or health, except for failure to pay the premium. Our clients never have to worry about outliving their insurance benefits. This is truly peace of mind for you and your family.

Term Life

Vastly considered to be the most affordable type of insurance available, Term Insurance works exactly as it’s name infers – it covers you for a specified period of time, typically 10, 20 , or 30 years. Do you need to protect income, spousal retirement, college tuition, or a business? If so, this type of coverage may be the right fit for you. At NSC we will shop our vast selection of top-rated insurance carriers to find the best plan to fit your needs.

Whole Life

The gold standard in the life insurance world is whole life insurance. This type of coverage is more expensive than others but offers some unique advantages. The premium can never be increased, the death benefit can not be reduced, and the coverage will not expire. If you are looking for something that is guaranteed to pay, this is the right option for you. Cash value accumulation, dividend options, potential increase of policy face, and more, are just some of the possibilities with whole life insurance.


“What do I do with my money?” is a question we get often. In today’s world of uncertainty people are looking for stable options. If that’s you, purchasing an Annuity may be a good fit. There are many different companies, programs, and riders available. Contact us today so we can schedule a consultation with one of our licensed associates.

Med Sups

Are you confused by Medicare? That’s OK – most people are, and that’s what we’re here for. Maybe you’re wondering if you should go with Plan F, Plan G, or a Medicare Advantage Plan? Are you getting the right coverage for what you’re paying? Do you have enough? Do you have the right coverage? Healthcare needs are very personal and unique to everyone. Let one of knowledgeable, licensed associates assist you with your questions today.


Nobody wants to think about it, but sometimes we encounter sickness, injuries, and hardship. These can happen at any time or any age. What would you do tomorrow if you were no longer able to provide for yourself or family? Having a disability insurance policy will provide you peace of mind. Give us a call today se we can get you an affordable quote.

Critical Illness

All too often, the focus is only on life insurance. What would happen if you experienced a heart attack, stroke, or were diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, dementia, cancer, or another serious condition? A Critical Illness policy will pay you a specific amount for these types of occurrences. We will price shop the nation’s top-rated carriers to find a plan that best fits your needs.

Mortgage Protection

Have you purchased or recently refinanced your home? Congratulations! This exciting milestone comes with liability and requires responsibility. What if you were to pass away? Could your family keep their home without you? Why not protect your investment with a mortgage protection policy? These plans are specifically designed to cover you during the mortgage period, typically 15, 20, or 30 year loans. A Return of Premium Rider (ROP) is available on most of these plans. Simply put, imagine receiving a check for the premiums you paid at the end of the 30 years if you never used the benefit. By adding one of these riders you can’t go wrong with mortgage protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t think I’m insurable?2019-05-31T11:50:29-06:00

Great news! Even if you’ve had or have significant health conditions like HIV, cancer, heater attack, stroke, COPD, diabetes, and many more, we have affordable plans for you. Everyone needs insurance!

How much do funerals cost today?2019-05-31T11:50:29-06:00

On average in the United States, burials cost around $9,000; cremations around $4,500.

Is National Senior Connection and insurance Company?2019-05-31T11:50:28-06:00

No. NSC is an insurance brokerage, licensed by the states where we do business. Typically insurance companies do not work directly with policyholders; they task agents and brokers (us) with the responsibility of connecting and servicing clients with the right products and carriers.

How do I get in contact with an agent?2019-05-31T11:50:28-06:00

Give us a call at 888-434-5554 and we’ll connect you with your local agent.

Can I have more than one insurance policy?2019-05-31T11:50:28-06:00

Yes. Many times clients will add coverages over the years with multiple insurance carriers. It’s recommended to verify that your beneficiaries and other information are still accurate.

How do I know I can trust the agent I meet with?2019-05-31T11:50:28-06:00

All of our agents have been fingerprinted and background checked by the Department of Insurance, are licensed, and have photo ID with them. If you ask, they will be happy to provide their license for your review.

Why do you represent so many different insurance companies?2019-05-31T11:50:28-06:00

Every carrier views risk differently. One company might be significantly more expensive if you smoke the occasional cigar, where another company doesn’t care at all. One company may have an issue with height and weight; other companies have no height and weight restrictions. Our goal is to customize a plan that meets your needs.